with the help of BEST_stat and weak_stat we can build 30 races
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2018-04-24 03:08:07 UTC
examples ( BEST stat is MAJUSCULE while weak stat is minuscule )
Orcs ===> STR x cha
Kobolds ===> INT x cha ( or is it? )
Dwarves ===> CON x dex ( again )
Halflings ===> WIS x str
Elves ===> CHA x con

2018-04-24 05:30:15 UTC
If you rank all the stats, similar to how was done in 1e Unearthed Arcana, you potentially have 720 classes. (I'm referring to the method presented therein to roll the stats for specified classes - method V maybe?) Consulting the beginning stats for NPCs as in the 3.5e DMG may also prove enlightening. Challenge: can you come up with 6! classes?