5e Solo - Ollsec's Saga.
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2017-05-24 19:56:08 UTC
This first post is the House Rules I've come up to test out... It's
extensive, but after remembering that the best campaign of 3.0 I've run,
and probably the last campaign I've run that I REALLY enjoyed and lasted
to fairly high level, I house ruled the heck out of with my imaginings
of what the fixes would be for 3.5.

I read a lot of others house rules coming to this, some of them are my
own inventions. They probably need some reorganizing and a few more
passes for clarity, but I tried to generally keep them in the order the
rules they modify appear in the books. I decided to test them out
before throwing them at real players, thus the solo. Also I'm having a
hard time getting consistent time again and the itch for D&D won't go
away, so I cram some solo in when I can.

5e house rules:
* Ability Scores - Standard Array
* Standard Humans get an extra +1 to one ability score of their choice.
* Variant Humans are not allowed (no feats)
* No Alignment
* HP Roll HP or take half round up after rolling.

Druid Circle of the Moon - Polymorph limited to 1/2 CR until 4th.
Fighter - Second Wind is a resource which you get 1 point of per fighter
level each day. Any number may be used at once as part of your Second
Wind action each healing you 1d10+fighter level hp. Second Wind still
requires a short of long rest to use again.
Ranger Beast Master - Use UA version.
Wizard - A school may be chosen at first level, this only gives the
benefit of one additional cast of each spell of that school before being
refreshed (see spells house rule).

* Backgrounds - Custom may be used.
* Optional Multi-Classing not used.
* Optional Feats not used.

* Perception is only passive, active use is Investigation instead.
* Thieves tools cover spotting, setting & removing traps & opening locks.
* Intimidation may be used as a free action after getting a crit.

Short Rest: Limited to 3 times a day with a minimum of 3 hours between
rests, typicall a meal will be eaten at each.

* Healer's Kit Dependency (DMG - Healers kit must be used during short
rest to use a HD. Only one HD can be used per short rest)
* Slow Natural Healing (DMG - No hp recovered from resting, must use HD)

* Charms - after they end, the target must make another save to realize
they were charmed.
* Spell Prep is changed to Refresh. If you had spell preparation as a
class feature (Cleric, Druid, Wizard) each spell you know may only be
cast once per short or long rest. Rituals may still be cast repeatedly
as a ritual. Domain and School spells may be cast twice before needing
to be refreshed.
* Cantrips - If you have spell preparation as a class feature, you know
all your class cantrips, but can cast each only once per short rest.
You may refresh a used cantrip by reading your book, saying a small
prayer, etc. as an action. Cantrips of your school or one appropriate
to your domain may be cast twice before refreshing.

Magic Item Crafting:
25 gp per day toward the value of an item. Most items require formula
that costs 2x the cost of creating a magic item to research, or double
that (4x cost) to buy if available. Most common formula are available
for sale, while those of higher rarity aren't. Research is done as
normal crafting at a rate of 5 gp per day. Investigation can increase
that by one gp per point over 15, research background doubles the rate.
Sages may be available to aid research (doubling if you don't have
research and adding +5 gp per day), or do it for you while away, but
will cost an additional 100 gp per month typically.
* Scrollmaking - you may make scrolls of spells you know without having
a formula. Costs to create:
0: 25 gp
1st: 100 gp
2nd: 250 gp
3rd: 500 gp
4th: 2500 gp
5th: 5000 gp
6th: 25000 gp
7th: 50000 gp
8th: 100000 gp
9th: 250000 gp
* Healing potions may be made by those who know the Cure Wounds spell
for 25gp without a formula at 3rd level or higher.
* Costs may be reduced by using appropriate monster parts such as using
dragon blood for ink on a scroll of fireball. This will typically
reduce the cost by the xp value of the creature the part came from (such
parts can typically be sold for 1/2 that value as well) Legendary
creatures such as dragons will typically yield 3 such parts, while
others yield at least one.

* Training: In addition to other downtime training, you can spend up to
10 gp per level per day on training your class if someone is available
to train you (an NPC or PC of higher level of the same class) gaining 1
xp per 1 gp so spent.
* Carousing: For a riskier method, you can spend up to 100 gp per level
per day carousing, you gain that much in XP. Each day spent carousing
roll d100 + level on a carousing table. Replace 66 with Cursed: You
have either been cursed or picked up a cursed item. If you spent the
maximum anything over 100 you found a magic item instead(DM will provide).

* Critical Hits - Confirmation: If you roll a natural 20 roll to hit
again, if you hit again do 2x damage including bonuses and consult the
(Hero) hit location chart. If you do 1/4 of the target's maximum hit
points that location is disabled until healed, if you do 1/2 it is
removed. If damage is done that takes the target to 0, and the attack
roll would hit another in range the any extra damage can be applied to
that target. Additive critical dice such as Half-Orc's brutal are added
on a natural 20 as normal but are not doubled from confirmation.
* Fumbles: If you roll a 1 on your first attack in a round, roll another
attack, if you still miss, something bad happens. d2 = 1 - drop weapon
or whatever you're holding & lose the rest of your actions for the
round, 2 - roll randomly among all targets within range except your
original one, including yourself and roll a new attack against them.
* Charge action: Melee attack as a bonus action with a Dash, you
suffer -2 to AC until your next turn.
* Flanking: +2 to hit.

* Inspiration:
* You can accumulate up to 1 per level
* You may not give them to another.
* When used to gain advantage on a death save you stabilize if made.
* Inspiration may also be used to Invoke an Aspect (+2 or reroll skills
granted through or related to background after a failed roll) or Declare
a Story Detail as in Fate.
* It may also be used to or call upon your god for aid, when you do you
roll d100 +Religion bonus +level, You get aid equal to a spell of the
level of the roll -95 or the aid of creature of CR = to the roll of -100
, A natural roll of 1 results in attracting the attention of an opposing
deity or one of their minions. Additional points can be spent to add +5
to this roll.
* A point can be spent to get up to 30xp per level if that would let
you gain a level.
* One inspiration point will be given each time you level.
* Players may also secretly nominate one other person per game for an
inspiration point - highest number of nominations gets it, ties broken
randomly. If no one is nominated, no one gets it.
* Inspiration may also be given out for other reasons rarely, such as
making a sacrifice for the party, saving a party member or NPC, making
me laugh (limit 1 per game), or accepting a compel (Fate) based on

* Death Saves: Gain 1 level of Exhaustion for each failed death save.
You do not die after failing a 3rd death save while unconscious (6
levels of Exhaustion results in death).
* Stable: Once stable you continue to roll a d20 each round, if you roll
a 20 you regain 1 hp as if you had done so on a death save, but do not
suffer Exhaustion when failing.

* Concentration save is off the best of your spellcasting ability save
or your con save.

DM domain changes:

* Monsters roll HP.
* XP Split xp to 3 parts 1/3 xp from monsters, 1/3 from RP, 1/3 from goals.
* Increase number of magic items received to random dungeon amount.
* Morale: Individual morale save made at 3/4 hp, and each round after
1/2 HP. Group morale save made by highest morale creature in group at
1/4 group defeated, and each round after 1/2 group defeated. Group
penalty or bonus of +1 for each 10% difference in numbers defeated
between opposing forces. Failure of DC 10 = fighting withdrawal, will
disengage and try to use ranged or get reinforcements, will still melee
if cornered. DC 5 = Flee, will use dash to get away, will still fight
if cornered. DC 0 Surrender, Will surrender or cower, will attempt to
flee if attacked, will only fight if cornered and attacked. Morale
saves are the the better of Con, Wis or Cha, or at +1 per HD, or at +CR
+3 (0=0, 1/8=+1, 1/4=+2, 1/2=+3). Intimidation can force a morale check
on DC 20. Intimidation raises future morale check to the DC rolled, but
may only be tried once per individual or group. Persuasion 'to
surrender' can force a will save vs. the persuasion rolled against those
failing morale at all. A charisma check (Deception, Intimidation,
Persuasion) can be used to grant a bonus to friendlies equal to the
amount beyond 10.
* Wands/Staves/Rods with charges - no charges, instead roll above the
number of charges it takes to use a power on d20, if you roll equal or
below the item crumbles to dust.

Rules Clarifications:
1. Allies provide half-cover against missile weapons (+2 AC).
a. Half cover has a +2 bonus to AC and Dexterity saving throws.
b. A target has half cover if an obstacle blocks at least half of its
body. The obstacle might be a low wall, a large piece of furniture, a
narrow tree trunk, or a creature, whether that creature is an enemy or a
2. Shoving/Grappling can replace a single melee attack, and you don't
need to grapple first to shove someone (knock them prone or push them 5').
3. You can tell if something is magic by handling it
a. Identifying still requires a short rest or the spell, and you can
get the rest while identifying.
2017-05-24 20:02:44 UTC
This second post are the characters. The names are the ones Roll20
generated for them. They seem Russian perhaps? I decided to go with
less females this time and only rolled a d4 with a 1 being female.
While interesting, I didn't feel like a repeat of 1 male and the rest

Iudiweg Uciwaisc
Female Hill Dwarf - Cleric - Sailor
Amethyst Eyes, Light Brown Skin, Brown Hair.
Bon Save
Str 13 +1 1
Dex 10 0 0
Con 16 +3 3
Int 8 -1 -1
Wis 16 +3 5
Cha 12 +1 3

HP 12
HD 1

AC 18 - Init 0 - Speed 25

Athletics 3
Insight 5
Medicine 5
Perception 5
Masonry Tools 3
Navigation Tools 5
Water Vehicles 5

*25' speed, not reduced by wearing heavy armor
*Darkvision 60'
*Dwarven Resilience - Advantage and resistance to poison
* Proficiency with mason's tools
* Double proficiency on history (int) for stonework

Background Sailor
* Ship's Passage
Personality: I work so hard, that I play hard
Ideal: Respect - respect between captain and crew keeps the ship together
Bond: I'm loyal to my captain first, everything else second
Flaw: I'll follow orders even if I think they're wrong

Tempest Cleric
*Proficiency with Martial Weapons and Heavy Armor
*Domain spells: Fog Cloud & Thunderwave
*Wrath of the Storm - when hit within 5' dex save or hitter takes 2d8,
wis*day (3).
Spells 3

Warhammer +3 1d8+1
Light Crossbow +3 1d8

GP 10
Chain Mail
Light Crossbow
20 Bolts
50' silk rope
Common Clothes
The shell of an egg painted with scenes of human misery in disturbing detail
Holy Symbol
10 Candles
Alms box
2 Incense block
2 Rations(day)
Navigation Tools
Mason's Tools

Ollsec Aaryghav
Male Mountain Dwarf - Wizard - Alchemy Sage
Ruby Eyes, Dark Tan Skin, Brown Hair
Bon Save
Str 14 +2 2
Dex 13 +1 1
Con 16 +3 3
Int 15 +3 4
Wis 10 0 2
Cha 8 -1 -1

HP 9
HD 1

AC 11 - Init 1 - Speed 25

Arcana 4
History 4
Investigation 4
Perception 2

*25' speed, not reduced by wearing heavy armor
*Darkvision 60'
*Dwarven Resilience - Advantage and resistance to poison
*Handaxe, Battleaxe, Throwing Hammer, Warhammer, Medium Armor, Light Armor

Background Alchemist Sage
* Researcher
Personality: There's nothing I like more than a good mystery.
Ideal: No Limits - Nothing should fetter the infinite possibility
inherent in all existence.
Bond: I've been searching my whole life for the answer to a question.
Flaw: I speak without really thinking through my words invariably
insulting others.

Wizard - Necromancer
Spells 3
Spells Known (in book): 1st: Detect Magic (r), Comprehend Languages (r),
Shield, Ray of Sickness(n), Sleep, Find Familiar.
Arcane Recovery 1

Quarterstaff +4 d6+2 or d8+2

GP: 10
Spell Book
Black Ink (bottle)
2 Quill
Small Knife
Common Clothes
Belt Pouch
Book of Alchemy Lore
10 Parchment
Little Bag of Sand
Mulitcolored stone disk

Pleat Neck
Male Half-Orc - Barbarian - Outlander Tribal Nomad
6'8" 225lbs Greyish Hazel Eyes, Greyish Light Tan Skin Greyish Dark Blond
Bon Save
Str 16 +3 5
Dex 13 +1 1
Con 16 +3 5
Int 8 -1 -1
Wis 12 +1 1
Cha 10 0 0

HP 15
HD 1

AC 14 - Init 1 - Speed 30

Athletics 5
Intimidation 2
Perception 3
Stealth 3
Survival 3
Drum 2

Darkvision 60'
Relentless Endurance: when dropped to 0, you can drop to 1 instead 1/day.
Savage attack: extra die of crit on melee

Background Outlander Tribal Nomad
Recall maps, geography, settlements, terrain.
Find food & water for up to 6
Personality: I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money
and manners won't save you from a hungry owlbear.
Ideal: Glory - I must earn glory in battle, for myself and my clan.
Bond: My family is the most important thing in my life, even when they
are far from me.
Flaw: I am too enamored of ale, wine and other intoxicants.

Rage 2 Enter as bonus action. Advantage on Str, +2 damage with str
melee, resistance to physical. lasts 1 minute or until don't take
Unarmored Defense: if not wearing armor add con bonus to AC.

Greataxe +5 1d13+3
Javelin +5 1d6+3
Handaxe +5 1d6+3

GP: 10
4 Javelin
2 Handaxe
Traveler's Clothes
Belt Pouch
Mess Kit
10 Torch
10 Rations (day)
50' Hempen Rope
Tiny Mechanical Crab that moves when it's not being observed (quantum
clockwork crab!)


Ysi Holomin
Grey Eyes, Pale Skin, Black Hair
Male Half-Elf - Bard - Criminal Blackmailer
Bon Save
Str 8 -1 -1
Dex 16 +3 5
Con 14 +2 2
Int 10 -1 -1
Wis 12 +1 1
Cha 16 3 5

HP 10
HD 1

AC 14 - Init 3 - Speed 30

Acrobatics 5
Deception 5
Intimidation 5
Perception 5
Performance 5
Persuasion 5
Stealth 7
Playing Cards 5
Thieve's Tools 5
Pan Flute

Darkvision 60'
Advantage against saves for sleep or charm

Background Criminal Blackmailer
Criminal contacts
Personality: I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong.
Ideal: Chains are meant to be broken, as well as those who forge them.
Bond: I'm trying to pay off an old debt to a generous benefactor
Flaw: I turn tail and run when things look bad

Bardic Inspiration 2 (d6)
Spells: 2
Cantrips: Vicious Mockery, Prestidigitation
1st Level: Dissonant Whispers, Faerie Fire, Heroism, Sleep.

Rapier +5 1d8+3
Dagger +5 1d4+3 20/60

GP: 15
thieve's tools
Leather Armor
Dark Common Clothes with hood
Belt Pouch
2 Scroll Cases
Fine Clothes
Bottle of Ink
Ink Pen
2 Flasks of Oil
5 Sheets of Paper
Vial of Perfume
Sealing Wax
Iron Holy Symbol of unknown god (Cuiteog - earthworm god)

- Justisaur
2017-05-24 20:56:39 UTC
On 5/24/2017 1:02 PM, Justisaur

This third post is the first 'session' I decided to run 'Storm Kings
Thunder - A Great Upheaval' since it's free from Wotc. Rather than
running a random dungeon where I might screw it up. It seemed like it'd
be less work, and if I liked it I could run it for my players.

If you are playing or think you might play this, avoid this series.

(DM Who to narrate with, I'll leave it to a d4 - 2 Ollsec the Dwarf Wizard.)

Iudiweg "Something on the wind, sir. It doesn't smell right."

I held my hand up for a stop. Pleat growled softly, it sounded like a
purr from a lion. He brought his gigantic axe around from his bag eyes
darting around.

I again read he letter from Iudiweg's cousin.

"Greetings Iudiweg. I hope my letter finds you well. I smell a new
opportunity here at Nightstone. Adventure is in the earth, I can feel
it stirring. My Inn has been booming, nobles from the south visit to
hunt the hills, teaming with game. Goblins have been harrying them, and
guards are at a premium. I've mentioned dwarves are best at dealing
with goblins, and that my 'relative' might be available at a premium,
and wouldn't it impress the other nobles if they had a dwarf guard! I
was met with promising assent. The nobles can't just turn tail from
goblins either, it wouldn't look good, so they're in a bit of a hard
place. Come see me at the Nightstone Inn!
- Your cousin Morak"

Goblin troubles and wealthy nobles. Everyone knew we dwarves were good
at dealing with Goblins, and few of us clan-less to do it for the
humans. A killing to be made, in both senses of the word. It didn't
interest me in the slightest. It was pedestrian. I looked for secrets,
magic, power, knowledge. Still, funds were tight, and research just to
look where to look was expensive. Iudiweg got restless sitting in one
place too long too. Here we are.

Ysi said softly "No guards on the wall, no noise."

I said "Also note the keep, it's in ruin, the keep's drawbridge is down
and broken. The village's drawbridge is down, but intact."

Just then a loud bell started ringing, a call to worship or trouble?

Pleat's gigantic frame crouched and he loped forward, I motioned for Ysi
to trail and Iudiweg stuck to my left hand.

Pleat loped up to the bend where he could see over the drawbridge and
held up his hand, motioning us to stay put. We waited a minute and he
returned to us.

"Dire wolves, eating in middle. Don't see any people."

I thought for a moment. "Dire wolves are nasty, I don't know if I fancy
our chances against them. If we went to a tower we could barricade it
and fire upon them in relative safety." I said looking to the 20' stone

Ysi said "Someone's ringing that bell."

Iudiweg said "We should try to get to my cousin's Inn, maybe he can tell
us what's going on."

Pleat said "No see bodies, but animal in middle, wolves eating."

I continued "Someone's here, we could hole up in a tower until we see
what's going on. Perhaps Ysi could scout for us while we do that."

Ysi laughed "No thanks."

Pleat said "I scout."

I said "Let's all go to the tower inside the wall, go the top and see
what we can from there first."

We carefully snuck to the south tower, rightmost to us. Closing the
door and propping a chair up against it. "Can you lock it?" I said to Ysi

He took a small kit of picks out and had it done nary slower than you'd
use a key.

Iudiweg said "We might want quick way out."

I told Pleat to scout up, he came back shortly and shook his head. We
went to the roof 20 feet above the ground, we hid against the
crenelations peering through the village. We could see that the next
tower to the south had partially collapsed, and there were craters and
3' boulders in the square below.

"Giants." I whispered.

"No sign of them now, sir." Iudiweg said

"What about their pets? They wouldn't leave theirs here." Ysi said
thumbing at the dire wolves.

"Maybe they just wandered in and found a dead something to eat?" I

Pleat said "No, wolves wouldn't go into town, the smell would put them
off, they must be pets."

"There's nowhere giants could be in this town." I replied.

"We could make a distraction and see what comes?" said Ysi

"It's got merit," I said "But we might be better catching them unaware.
We know there's someone in the chapel. But we'd need to disable or get
past the wolves quietly. Besides anything that would have come would've
gone to the chapel already with that bell ringing."

Ysi was looking out over parapet "I don't think those are pets after
all, look there's reigns. Must be something that's been riding them."

Iudiweg said "Sir, my cousin mentioned goblins."

"Mmh. Yes. Could be goblins here, perhaps giants were employing them,
or something else was employing them both. Goblins could be hiding
anywhere. That doesn't really change anything. It doesn't make much
sense either way, why are there no people, other than the boulders and
one dead animals no signs of a fight. I do love a mystery." I ruminated

I thought again how to approach this, we could create a distraction -
but it might alert the wolves and anything in the chapel, as well as
anything else, we could try to sneak by the wolves, but they'd be likely
to smell us. If we did something outside the town, we might be able to
raise the drawbridge while whatever came was outside, but we'd likely
have to have someone go far enough away and I wouldn't want to leave
them hanging.

Pleat said "We could sneak around the other side of the holy place to a
back door or make one."

I was surprised at the hulking man's genius. He had seen, or at least
heard of many battles, and we hadn't. "Yes." I replied.

Iudiweg said "Sir? I'd like to check the Inn first, maybe Morak or
someone is still there?"

I considered "The temple is closer, we'd have to pass around it, and
there's a wrought iron fence back there, I'd hate to get stuck in there,
fenced in. Temple it is."

It was actually very easy to get to the back of the chapel, it being the
closest building to the north tower, there was no entrance there though.
There might be something over the fence. It looked like a graveyard.
Ysi & Pleat scrambled over easily, Pleat tossed a rope over for us to

There was a side entrance in the graveyard. We entered, no one was
there again. It was a temple to the human's sun god. I sent Iudiweg
and Pleat ahead up the bell tower. We surprised the goblins they were
both swinging from the bell rope and laughing.

(DM: rolled stealth, lowest was 12 vs. goblins 9 passive perception.
Iudiweg first - attack 4. monsters surprised. Ysi - dagger 16 hit, 8
dam, roll goblin's hp 9 & 8, goblin survives. Ollsec acid splash 1st
fails save, 2nd makes it, damn 2, puts first down. Pleat hit 10 dam. )

We decimated the two goblins Ysi with a dagger, I cast a splash of acid,
and Pleat with his great-axe. I wished we'd captured one, but the fall
would've killed them anyway.

There were no clues here. We went down, and I set Pleat & Iudiweg to
the main door while Ysi and I rummaged over the dead goblins. The one I
checked had a short bow & a dozen arrows, scimitar, leather armor - too
small for me unfortunately. There were a couple sacks nearby that were
patched poorly, probably the goblins, we looked through those finding 3
incense blocks, a palm sized silver unicorn head, and 37 cp & 15 sp. We
took those, and snuck back out the side heading for the Inn.

(whoops, found the little tiny map on the side of the bigger one for
temple, it doesn't have a side door, oh well. Not going back now.)

We crept over to the back of the inn which was collapsed, exposing a
room on the top floor as well as the kitchen. As we approached we could
hear something rummaging in what sounded like pots and pans. Pleat
kicked a chunk of building and the sound stopped, we'd been heard. We
rushed to the hole.

(DM: Pleat rolled 9 on stealth, rolled 9 for goblin to hide as they come
into kitchen. Initiative Ysi goes throws dagger at goblin 5 dam, goblin
has 4.)

Ysi saw the goblin and tossed his dagger into it's neck. "We need to
capture one." I said.

Ysi shrugged and said "Better it's dead than yelling out an alarm."
while retrieving his dagger and going through it's remains again. He
came up with a cracked hourglass and a lot of useless junk as well as
the same armament the others had. We passed through the only door
finding a shambles of a dinning room a dead goblin with a bolt sticking
out of it's chest lay on the floor, as well as a bed from a large hole
that went all the way to the roof. I thought Morak might still be here,
if the crossbow bolt was an indication. I whispered "Call Morak, not
too loud." to Iudiweg.

We went toward the dead goblin, Iudiweg calling out in her loudest
whisper "Morak? Is that you here?"

We saw a figure crouching with a crossbow above Iudiweg called out
"Who's up there? I'm Morak, the innkeeper's cousin, we're dwarves, not

(she rolled 7 on stealth)

The figure whispered back "Shh! Come up the stairs."

We turned and went up the stairs and entered the door where the figure
was. She revealed herself... she had a winged snake coiled around her
left shoulder. A human.

Iudiweg said "What happened?"

The woman said quietly "I saw giants attacking, throwing boulders from a
cloud! I was knocked out by debris when this happened, pointing to the
hole in the roof. I just woke not long ago, and found a goblin
rummaging about below. I saw the giant wolves outside and didn't want to
tangle with them. I was hoping help would come or the goblins would leave."

(Deception 23 succeeds against the party)

Iudiweg said "We can get you out, the back corner is gone."

The woman said "Thanks, but where would I go? It might be safer to stay
with you? What're you planning to do anyway?"

Iudiweg said "Find Morak first. We'll check the rest of the Inn first."
she looked to me for confirmation. I nodded.

I asked "How good are you in a fight?" I noted her hand-crossbow,
usually favored by rogues, and shortsword, but no armor.

"I'm a decent shot, I think I just got lucky with that goblin when it
spotted me. I'd best stay away from front-lines."

"How about that snake?" I asked

"Oh, Scaley? He's just a pet."

I nodded and said "Stay behind us then, make sure the next goblin we
find, we don't kill."

We went back out into the hall and checked the other doors.

Ysi prattled with her softly introducing us and getting her name "Kella"
and finding out she was a travelling monk, on a holy pilgrimage and had
just stopped for the night here.

Iudiweg said "A monk? Who do you worship? I'm a devotee of Thor myself."

Kella replied "Thor? I've not heard of that one. Tell me about him,
would you?"

I interjected in a harsh whisper "Keep it down, could be goblins anywhere."

Iudiweg said "Yes, sir!" to me and "Another time." to Kella.

The first room we had checked was left made, it didn't look occupied.
The next was the room the was above the kitchen, partially destroyed.
It looked lived in, a dwarven chest was at one side and a tapestry
depicting mountains was still hanging on the wall to the right.

Iudiweg whispered loudly "Morak? Morak! Are you in here?" then whispered
"This has to be his room, that's his tapestry."

Ysi said "He doesn't appear to be in. We should check the chest... for

Iudiweg said "No, he'd be mad. Just leave it there."

I said "If it becomes necessary."

We checked the last room which was also unoccupied.

She said "Where could they have gone?"

Kella said "They probably fled the giant's attack. There was no way to
defend against them."

I said "Why would giants attack, then leave? Why wouldn't the people
have come back? Why the goblins."

Kella shrugged

Pleat said "Giants captured them?"

Iudiweg said "Sir, Morak wouldn't have let himself be captured. He
would've fought if they'd come down to capture them. I expect he'd have
a secure hole somewhere. I didn't see any evidence of that downstairs."

I said "Maybe the goblins know something, lets check the other buildings
and see if any are around. They seem to be rather confident no one is
coming, looting and playing well split up so far, perhaps there's more."

We snuck out the way we came in, and around to a small farmhouse half
destroyed by the giant's attack. It was my turn to trip up on the
debris, a couple of goblins in the fenced yard chasing a chicken saw us.
They drew their bows and fired on Pleat as he was in the lead, he
snaked out of the way nearly getting nicked by one, then ducked around
the other side of the farmhouse. We split around the farmhouse to corner
them, we only saw one when we did so, Ysi cocked him in the back of the
head dropping him as he backed away from Pleat. Iudiweg and I prepared
to cast a spell on the other if it appeared.

(DM Both goblins missed, moved and hid 7 & 18. Pleat miss, Ysi hit for
7, goblin had 4. Iudiweg & Ollsec ready cantrips.)

The wolves had heard the shout and bounded over, one ripped Iudiweg's
throat open. I went into shock. My love was being mauled by a wolf! I
saw the other take out Ysi out of the corner of my eye. The goblin
scrambled out from under the farmhouse. I regained my composure enough
to launch my cold spell at it, it slowed but turned and put an arrow in
Pleat. Pleat roared, but I heard it only as if at a distance. He moved
to the wolf that had Ysi and opened a great gash in it's side, but it
didn't slow. It was time for my most powerful magic, I threw sand at
them and said the words which I can no longer remember, the magic
ripping them from by brain. They faltered, the goblin slowed and
drooped to the ground followed by the wolf Pleat was engaged with. The
wolf mauling my love slowed for a moment, but shook it off.

(DM 1st worg hits Iudiweg for 15 - she's at 0. 2nd worg hits Ysi for 12
at 0. Goblin hit by ray from Olsec for 4, had 9. Goblin hit Pleat for
4. Pleat rages, hits Worg for 10, has 20. Ysi makes death save. Ollsec
casts sleep 22 hp, goblin has 5 and Worg 2 has 10, leaving 7 for worg #1
who has 24 which isn't enough. Iudiweg makes death save.)

It looked around confused and afraid at the magic power it had felt and
it's pack being felled, it growled and backed up to the center of the
square with it's hackles up. Pleat perused it yelling a primal scream.
I thought he might bring the rest of the goblins down on us, if there
were any left. I ran to Iudiweg and tried to bandage her, but her neck
was torn too badly and my hands were shaking. I kissed her on the cheek
and whispered "Don't leave me my love." Her amethyst eyes flickered
open, she pushed my hand away as she brought hers up to cover her wound

She croaked "Don't write me off yet Sir!" attempting a smile, which
looked more like pain. She saw Ysi's condition and said a prayer to
Thor, her hand crackled with lightning which leapt to Ysi, where it
touched his wounds were closed. His eyes bolted open as he convulsed.

(DM Morale - failed with a roll of 9 (rolled 6, +4 for HD, -1 for
difference in defeated # (considering 2 of 3 for them and 2 of 4 for
party), fighting retreat, moves 50' away then readies to attack if
perused. Pleat charges (-2 ac) but misses. Wolf misses him. Ysi fails
death save - 1 level of exhaustion. Ollsec rolls a 1 with medicine (I
don't like failure to bind wounds, thinking of HR it away.) Iudiweg
makes her death save with a 20, gaining 1 hp. She casts cure wounds on
Ysi for 10, fully healing him.)

The wolf and Pleat dodged each other's blows, an arrow sprouted from his
chest, but he hadn't noticed. Ysi yelled "Bad dog! down! heel!" moving
cautiously toward the wolf. The wolf paid no heed, if the situation
hadn't been so uncertain I would've laughed. Iudiweg couldn't hold her
composure and laughed cut short by coughing up blood. She croaked out
another prayer to Thor, her hand on her throat crackled with electricity
- cauterizing her wound. I looked around briefly for Kella, she was not
to be found. I moved toward the wolf looking for who'd shot the arrow
and saw the goblin in a doorway to the south knocking another arrow. I
called upon the spirits of my ancestors and a ghostly skeletal hand came
up from the ground next to the goblin it grabbed his ankle and dug it's
bony claws in, the goblin yelped looking down in horror.

(DM Morale - at -6 now that Ysi and Iudiweg aren't defeated, but makes
it. The wolf misses. Goblin shoots Pleat for 7. 3 after resistance from
rage leaving him with 8. Pleat misses. Ysi vicious mockery vs. wolf
saved. Iudiweg Healing Word for 7 on herself, now at 8. Chill Touch
hits for 2 against goblin, goblin hp 11, so now 9. )

The goblin whistled for the wolf, which turned giving Pleat the
opportunity to open a wide gash in it's shoulder. The wolf yelped, but
ran full out to the goblin who vaulted up to it's back, grabbed the
reigns, and they bolted off behind another farmhouse heading toward the
drawbridge. Pleat ran after them waiving his bloody axe and yelling,
but the wolf was nearly twice his speed. The rest of us moved toward
the drawbridge preparing spells to throw at it if it reappeared.

(DM Morale at -5 as the goblin joined, 0 which is flee. Pleat
opportunity hits for 14 dam, leaving it with 10. Others ready cantrips)

The goblin had tricked us, it waited behind the building for Pleat then
attacked as he approached. I heard the wolf yelp again. I sent Iudiweg
and ysi around the other side of the farm, and ran to catch up to Pleat.
Our prepared magic faded.

(DM Morale at -5 made it. Goblin fires at Pleat 1 miss, Wolf readies
attack and attacks when Pleat approaches, hits for 9, 4 after rage
resistance, Pleat has 4 left. Pleat attacks wolf, hit for 9 leaving it
with 1. Firebolt, Sacred Flame & Vicious Mockery fade.)

I saw the wolf leap back from Pleat and turn which caused the goblin to
shoot itself through his own leg. The goblin screamed in pain. Pleat
charged after them and cut the wolf's head off with a leaping chop. Ysi
laughed and yelled "You shot yourself through the leg, I've never seen
such incompetence!" Iudiweg shouted another prayer to Thor, and I pulled
out my scroll to imprint the words in my mind to the magic for the
skeletal hand.

(DM Morale at -9 for wolf due to damage 6 fighting withdrawal. Group
check at -5 7 fighting withdrawal. Wolf disengages and moves. Goblin
fires at Pleat natural 1, confirm fumble 7, fires at self hits for 8,
now at 1. Goblin saves vs. Vicious Mockery. Iudiweg uses her action to
regain sacred flame, Ollsec to regain chill touch)

Ysi yelled "Running away now? You'll probably just trip and hit your
head!" and laughed at the goblin, who did just that.

(DM Morale at -9 for Goblin gets 0, flee. Pleat misses opportunity.
Goblin runs for drawbridge. Ysi vicious mockery for 3.)

"We have to kill the other wolf and tie up the goblin, my magic only
made them sleep." We returned to them, finding Kella looting the
goblin. I told her "Tie him up." Then to the others "All at once
against the wolf, if he wakes from one of our attacks, he may be able to
flee or attack us." We prepared and all beat on it. It woke for only a
moment yelping and then lay still.

(DM all ready to attack with Ollsec. Pleat misses even with advantage,
Ysi uses dagger, hits & automatic normal crit for 11 dam. at 0.)

Kella waited until we were done and said "I have nothing to secure him

Pleat tossed her his rope. "Here."

Iudiweg watched her and said grumpily "That's not how you tie up a
prisoner, out of the way." She tied him quickly and securely, her skill
reflected her time in the Navy. "Why didn't you help us?" she shot at
Kella as she did her work.

Kella said hanging her head "I... I was afraid."

Iudiweg cursed in dwarvish at Kella, her sailor's swears not worth

Pleat was less tact saying "Humans are oft cowards. Some are born that
way." as he cleaned his axe eyeing Kella. I couldn't tell if there was a
threat to his comment or something else.

(Notes: I don't think the cantrip house rule is working out very well.
I need to figure something else out. I like that they need to use
different ones, but the cleric really only has the one for attack, and
even the Wizard doesn't have many. It's really just slowing the
Wizard/Cleric down into doing nothing every other round once they're
used up. It should be pushing them to use the higher level spells or
equipment, but I didn't feel the need as the threat level, and don't
have alternate equipment at this point. It seemed better to spend a
round refreshing than using up a 1st level spell.

I'm not terribly sure about the 1x spell thing either as it just meant
the cleric had to use the inferior holy word for a 2nd heal on herself.
I was hoping it would help with the healbot cleric and one-trick pony
issues with the wizard.)
2017-05-26 22:59:26 UTC
On 5/24/2017 1:56 PM, Justisaur wrote:

4th post:

Kella backed away hands up as if there were a threat. But didn't run.
I suspected she'd rather be with us than alone, but said nothing. I
said looking around, "Let's move him to the Inn. One of the empty
rooms, harder to escape and clear of other eyes if there are any."

Pleat picked him up, the small goblin looked like a baby in his gigantic
hand. Once there I said "Ysi interrogate him, our first priority is the
goblin forces here, and if they're allied with the giants, if any more
are expected. Then what happened to the townspeople."

I looked to Iudiweg "Let's refresh our cantrips while we wait for him to
awaken." I set to studying my book. She said a soft prayer to Thor.

Pleat said "I could wake him up."

I said "You might put him to sleep permanently."

Pleat said viciously "Yes, I might."

I replied "No, let me study."

As I studied the goblin came around.

Ysi said in a soft friendly voice one might use when talking to a animal
"Hey, how are you feeling?"

The goblin looked confused and looked around nervously.

Pleat growled when it looked at him.

Ysi continued when he didn't answer "I'm Ysi, I'd like to be your
friend. Friends are nice aren't they?"

"Friends! Nice! Yes! I Pojo! Friends help yes? I stuck." trying to
move his arms tied behind his back.

(Ysi disadvantage on Persuasion due to exhaustion 9 vs. Wis save 1.
I'll just comment again I don't like disadvantage as it's wildly unfair,
in this case it caused a -6 to the roll as the first roll was 10 the
second was 4. It didn't really matter as I rolled a 2 for the goblin's
wis save with a -1 though. That's one dumb goblin.)

Ysi looked to Iudiweg who was a good judge of character.

Iudiweg nodded at him and said in dwarvish "He seems sincere, I'd heard
goblins were dumb, but wow, just wow." Ysi couldn't understand dwarvish,
but I gave a low chuckle.

Ysi continued on in his soft gentle voice for pets "Yes, let me help you
with that." and untied him.

Pleat moved to lean against the only door out casually.

The goblin said "What friends want to do? We loot more? Chicken still
there?" He picked up his nearly empty bag on the floor. "Weapons gone,
you got spare?"

Ysi deflected "We were looking for our other friend, he looks kind of
like her." pointing at Iudiweg.

He put his hand to his chin then said "Oh, saw him in larder at cave.
Dorf too tough, eat him last."

We managed to keep our composure, though Iudiweg was nearly strangling
on her words. Ysi continued "You ate him?"

"Oh no, lots to eat now, not for weeks yet. Chicken better too." he
licked his lips. Iudiweg relaxed a bit.

Ysi said "I've got a present for my new friend." He handed him a block
of incense that we found earlier. "It smells good when you burn it."

"Ooh, we burn it now?"

Ysi said "Yeah... if you want" Motioning for Iudiweg to hand him her
censer. While placing the block in it and lighting it he continued "We
want to give your family presents too, we just want to make sure we have
enough, how many came with you?"

"Oh, lets see there's my best friend Tot, and..." he trailed on with a
list of names that came with him totaling 15. We'd killed 6 others, and
the one Kella got, and there was Pojo so that left 8.

He coughed at the incense "No like, it makes cough. Want different gift.

Ysi said, "Yeah, we can help get the chicken, and look around for more
food. Say, could you take us to your cave? We could get presents for
your family there too, how many would we need?"

Pojo said "Some."

Ysi said "Is it about equal to the ones here, less, double, or more?"

Pojo said "Most come to loot."

I thought about this for a bit. It sounded as if they'd all split up to
loot the town. We could probably use Pojo to gather them all up and get
to his cave, but that would gather their forces. It'd be easier to pick
them off here and deal with what's left, we'd have to kill or disable
Pojo then, and wouldn't have a guide to the cave.

Ysi said "Say could you tell us how to get to your cave, we might take
quite awhile to get presents for everyone, and wouldn't want to keep you."

"Yes. Go out bridge, go right, then go to cave about half-hour." Pojo said

Ysi said "Oh, do you have any giant friends? We'd want to get big
presents for them."

Pojo scratched his head "Two Ogre, they kind of giant?"

Ysi said "Kind of."

Ysi looked to me, he'd gotten most of the information I asked for. I
felt almost sorry for the poor dumb goblin. Dwarves' creed in regard to
goblins was always the only good one was a dead one, but I wasn't your
every day Dwarf.

Pojo said "We get chicken now?"

I nodded. Ysi said "Yeah we get chicken."

Pleat moved out of the way of the door. as the goblin passed I motioned
with a knock on my head to pleat. Pleat opened the door for the goblin
and whipped the flat of his great-axe down and tapped him on top of
Pojo's head with exactly enough force to knock him out.

(DM: Pleat hits for 5 dam exactly what the goblin had)

Kella said "Oh, we aren't getting presents for the goblins."

I said to Iudiweg "Tie him back up, put him in the wardrobe. We'll
scour the town for the rest of them. It'll be easier to pick them off
in small groups here."

We quickly searched for goblins going through a couple houses not
finding any, then came to one with some strange runes no one recognized
that seemed to be locked up. We didn't see any signs of them getting in
so figured they must be hitting easier targets first.

We found a couple with pumpkins on their heads that couldn't even see
us. I shook my head, this was going to be too easy. I scuffed my boot
on something just as we were almost on them alerting them. They threw
their pumpkins off. Pleat & Ysi killed them before they had even
finished drawing their swords.

(DM: Gave the goblins perception at disadvantage for having pumpkins
over their heads, Ollsec still rolled a 3 and they got a 3. Init: Pleat,
Ysi, Gobs, Ollsec, Iudiweg. Pleat hits for 12, had 11. Ysi rapier hits
for 10 it had 6.)

As we started removing their valuables a I caught something green moving
in the tower nearby. Ysi called out Ysi calls out "I think the goblins
forgot their brains today!" couple arrows came from the door of a nearby
tower at us one hitting me. I called up a ghostly hand but it did
nothing. Iudiweg moved toward them and fired her crossbow which just
nicked it. Pleat charged it and cut it down. Another was in there he
barely deflected is blow with his axe, then it ran to the north, heading
to the next tower shouting in goblin.

(DM: Party is trying to be quiet & stealthy, Ollsec doesn't make his
stealth again. One of the goblins don't either. Init: Ysi, Ollsec,
Iudiweg, Pleat, Goblins. Ysi Vicious Mockery saved against. Ollsec
chill touch rolled a 1, 17 on confirm no fumble. Iudiweg hit for 1 dam,
it had 6, now 5. Pleat charges and does 11. Pleat is missed. Goblin
disengages and runs.)

We started after it. Ysi repeated his earlier success of yelling "Don't
trip and hit your head!" though it had no effect on this one. Iudiweg's
bolt went wide, as did my bolt of fire. Pleat ran after him, the goblin
dodged under his swing and lashed out with his scimitar and sliced him
across the gut, Pleat looked down. He should be dead, but just paused a

(DM: Goblin in the other tower is a bit far away to hear that yet at
100'. Goblin saves vs. Ysi. Iudiweg & Ollsec miss. Pleat charges again
and misses. Charge as I've written it is too good here, I need to place
some sort of limit on it the 1/turn of 1e comes to mind, perhaps loss of
reaction as well. Something to think on. Rolling morale for what
goblin does 17 even with a -5 that still makes it. Hits for 6 dam,
Pleat only had 4, ah, should've short rested to get a HD, Pleat uses
Relentless Endurance and stays at 1 hp. Goblin disengages & moves again)

Ysi yelled "You can't even really hurt anyone!" Iudiweg's shot went
wide again. I tried my cold spell, but that too missed him. Pleat
chopped him in half with a leaping cut ending it's threat. As he bent
to loot it an arrow whizzed over his head coming from the tower the
goblin had been running to.

(DM: Ysi finally landed a Vicious Mockery for 4 points, but it had 9.
Iudiweg & Ollsec miss, Pleat moves and hit for 15. The goblin in the
tower has heard the commotion, she looks out... stealth 18, she's not
seen. Morale rolled an 18 - she saw the other goblin get cut down, but
rolls too well on morale so attacks - rolls a 2 for attack, stealth 10
doesn't hide well after)

Ysi yelled "Come out, come out little goblin, you can't hide from us."
It squeaked in terror. Iudiweg shot at it, but I heard it clatter. I
tried the acid spell and heard a scream, success. Pleat ran forward and
swung wildly hitting the door frame. I saw a flash of steel, but
Pleat's reflexes saved him from another blow.

(DM Ysi 3 damage with vicious mockery, it has 10 Iudiweg misses, Ollsec
Acid Splash for 5. Pleat misses, it misses Pleat)

Ysi yelled "You won't last long under this onslaught!" It yelled back
"NO!" in pain. Iudiweg heard it and put a bolt through it silencing it.

(Ysi does 1 damage, leaving it with 1. Iudiweg 5 dam. )

I said "There's still three left, if we're going to make it, we need a
breather, gather up their loot, then back to the Inn." We did so, ate
some lunch we'd scrounged up from what was left of the kitchen. I and
Iudiweg refreshed our spells, She cast a spell upon pleat to heal him
with lightning. We looked in reasonably good shape after. Though
Iudiweg replied she was out of healing magic for the day.

(Short rest, no healer's kits so can't use HD. Iudiweg casts cure
wounds for 10 on Pleat leaving him at 11.)

We warily continued our search of the town. We found a couple bodies
crushed by boulders in one destroyed building but no goblins there.

Ysi said "I wonder if the other goblins left yet."

Pleat sniffed the air "I think not."

We started to search the stables. I was amazed there were still 5
horses, but there was a goblin in the loft. Ysi's dagger was in it
before anyone had a chance to move. It loosed an arrow into the
ceiling, it's aim spoiled by the dagger in it's chest. Iudiweg likewise
loosed a bolt at it that hit the ceiling. It choked as my ancestors
ghostly hand gripped it's throat and fell lifeless.

"Two." I said.

(DM goblin stealth 4+6. Init Ysi, Gob, Iudi, Oll, Pleat. Ysi hit for 8
it had 9. Goblin miss, Iudiweg miss, Chill touch for 5)

Pleat took the goblin's equipment. All the equipment for horses was
still there. We left it for now.

We found ourselves at some sort of store, where the wolf rider goblin
had been. Iudiweg said "I and Pleat still have some injuries, a
healer's kit would be useful." I assented and we all poked around for a
few minutes. She found one, I picked up a couple flasks of oil, Pleat
found a portable ram, Ysi some marbles, and Kella took a pair of manacles.

We next came to a windmill, Pleat said "goblin tracks" pointing to some
small footprints in the muddy path. Pleat opened the door a bit too
swiftly and it banged against the wall loudly. I saw some flashes of
green above us and heard the stretching of a bowstring. I caught them
with acid, though it only gave them slight burns. Iudiweg said a prayer
to Thor and a flash hit one, again doing little. Ysi taunted "You're
getting beat like old mutton in a butcher's shop! They got their arrows
off at Pleat, nicking him. He tossed a javelin at one, it hit the beam
they were on and clattered back down, he had to doge it too.

(DM: Pleat's turn to trip up with a 5 stealth. Goblins weren't hiding.
Init Oll, Iudi, Ysi, Gobs, Pleat. Gobs fail saves vs acid, only does 1
dam, they have 9 & 12 before. Sacred flame failed save for 2. Gob saves
vs. vicious mockery. Gob hits Pleat for 3, Other gob hits Pleat for 3
leaving him with 5. Pleat missed.)

Pleat was bleeding profusely and they had a superior tactical position.
I hated to use it on two goblins, but they needed to be taken out now,
so once again I used my most powerful magic which I had refreshed in my
mind at lunch. I threw sand up at the goblins. They both lost
consciousness from the power, one fell down and broke his crown. The
other slumped over on the beam.

(DM: Olsec Sleep for 28 hp, both fall asleep. I'm not sure they'll fall
off, so roll a d2 each, #1 does, takes 2d6 damage from the fall - 9 dies.)

Ysi said "If they can get up there I can. I'll take care of the other one."

I replied "Can you tie him up and lower him? I won't be killing the
helpless, not even goblins."

Ysi shrugged and said "If that's what you wish. I'll need some rope."

Iudiweg gave him her coil of silk rope. He shimmed up the wall easily
to the rafters and crouched expertly on the beam, tied the goblin up and
lowered him down. We took the goblin back to the Inn and stashed him in
the same wardrobe the other was in.

"That's all of them, if the


Treasure (left at Inn unless otherwise noted)
46 cp (divided)
15 sp (divided)

Cracked Hourglass (25gp if repaired)

13 scimitar (25 gp ea)
13 short bow (25 gp ea) - 1 to Pleat, 1 to Ysi
156 arrows (5 cp ea) - 40 to Pleat, 40 to Ysi
Tinderbox (5sp)
smoking pipe (?)

Silver unicorn head (25 gp - holy symbol) given to Pojo.
4 bags of ball bearings - Ysi
3 bricks of incense (5gp ea) 1 burned - Iudiweg
Healer's Kit - Iudiweg
2 oil flasks - Ollsec
Portable Ram - Pleat
3 Perfume (5gp) - Ysi
Three Dragon Ante Cards (1gp) - Ysi
battered copper flagon with grinning halfling (1gp) - Pleat
Silver Fish locket (25gp) - Iudiweg

The next section says to make sure they're 2nd level. It doesn't look
like the party has enough xp to level. Oops, forgot the encounter size
modifiers. That's hard to figure with some of the running fights. I
decided to go with most favorable for xp interpretation and got a total
of 1600, divide by 4 then 3 (hr) =134 each, +134 for RP, +113 for
treasure for 381 each for the last two sessions.

The module says they shouldn't get a long rest before the next section
too. I don't much like levelling up without at least a long rest, it
seems weird, "Oh, I'll just take a second and write a new spell in my

Roll Hp Iudiweg 3=5, Ollsec 1=4, Pleat 8, Ysi 6. New spells: Ollsec -
Expeditious Retreat. Ysi - Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter.

Going over the spells, I notice I had Iudiweg cast 1 too many, for some
reason I thought they got 3 1st level spells at 1st. I'm still of the
impression using attack cantrips is pretty darn useless in most cases at
least until 5th level, but the PCs haven't had an opportunity to go
anywhere they can buy better alternatives - like a crossbow for the Bard
& Wizard. Now I realize short bow is a simple weapon and the Bard can
use it, doh! Also I haven't actually been able to use the medium armor
advantage of the mountain dwarf wizard for the same reason, or even get
armor for the Barbarian, though he's quite the powerhouse as is.)

- Justisaur